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Cultivating curiosity enhances;

engagement, agility, innovation, problem-solving and decision making

Whether you’re trying to save the world or yourself, lead a brilliantly successful organisation or team, improve safety, convince people to change, inspire your kids to love learning or merely to reach out and grab that toy - we're born problem solvers.

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“But I’m already Curious”!


Well yes, you’re reading this after all - however, curiosity has many nuances.  We've worked with many technical professionals, for example, who were deeply curious about their work but totally disinterested in understanding their colleagues or themselves. We could call this depth curiosity without breadth. 

We’ve also noticed most of us will, at times, be more intent on proving we're right than understanding other points of view.


We've uncovered a group of assumptions, parental, educational and managerial, that actively smother curiosity for short term gain. By selectively “unveiling” these assumptions we can reacquaint people with their innate desire to explore, understand and engage. 


Every problem is solved by finding the right question to ask


Culture Change & Transformation


Strategy Workshops


Communication & Influence


Individual Coaching

"Andrew provided wisdom and throught provoking advice that stretched our minds, changed our behaviour and has had a lasting and positive effect on us as individuals and managers. The strategies and structures you shared have given us enduring themes that have spread at all levels across BMF and have made it a much better business and a much better place to work".

BMF (named Australian Agency of the Decade 2009)

We work with both local & international clients across a range of industries

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