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Curiousmind Engagement Process

1.  Discovery – curiosity

With your approval, we engage various stakeholders to get their view on what’s happening and what might need to be done. This typically ranges from several interviews through to larger focus groups or an online, culture-wide survey.

2. Design and Development

We use an Agile, iterative approach to then design the most appropriate path forward. We know there will always be more for us to learn about you and that many of your more subtle qualities may be some of the most important.  With this in mind, we provide you with a draft proposal designed to stimulate further reflection and conversation before we reconnect to prepare our formal proposal. This is also where we begin, with you, to design the most appropriate metrics so we can better measure and ensure you get a good ROI.

3. Pre-work, Benchmarking

Prior to the scheduled program dates we typically do a short “pulse” survey to benchmark current state and help us measure improvement. We also provide the participants with some short pre-reading to introduce key concepts and provide some framing around the program.

4. Program Implementation

As each program is tailored to meet the client’s unique needs this can involve one or more of the following overlapping options;

  • Intimate group training sessions lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days (5 – 30 participants, though ideally around 15 to ensure optimal engagement and interaction amongst participants). Great for improving team alignment and cohesion through a shared experience.

  • “Town hall” or keynote style sessions involving large groups (audience of 30 – 1000’s). Best suited for ensuring a consistent message is understood by everyone. An effective and efficient way to “launch” new ideas.

  • Comprehensive skills-based training programs. Soft skills still require some hard training. Our methodologies ensure a strong training ROI.

  • In-situ or on the job coaching designed to improve participants ability to turn theory into sustained behavioural change

  • Ongoing support – we use both a tech solution (IT integration not required) and face-to-face/correspondence to ensure participants are able to implement what they’ve learned while also providing further evidence of ROI to the client.

  • Engagement of whole departments/organisations through a series of face-to-face interactions/webinars (either produced by us or internal stakeholders such as senior leadership) combined with our bespoke technology solution enabling us to verify reach, engagement and manage feedback. This process has been designed from scratch to facilitate the rollout of large scale initiatives (policy changes, restructures etc.).

5. Program Analysis

In addition to participant feedback obtained upon completion of the program (or throughout for longer engagements) and comparison of internal metrics against the benchmarks, clients who opt into ongoing support via our technology solution are able to receive ongoing reports and recommendations for the months following the program.

We treat every enquiry with strict confidentiality so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions relating to your specific needs

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