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Significantly improving performance and enjoyment in work, life and play. 

Curiosity - Igniting possibility

At Curiousmind Education, we help people, teams and organisations rekindle their curiosity. A curious mind is an engaged mind, naturally drawn towards exploring, understanding and learning. More interested in what they don’t know, curious minds are a catalyst for improved innovation, agility and adaptability.

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76% reported not feeling curious in their jobs on a regular basis

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92% credited curious people with bringing new ideas into teams and organisations and viewed curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction, motivation, innovation, and high performance.

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70% said they face barriers to asking more questions at work.

Survey (HBR) of more than 3,000 employees from a wide range of firms and industries

Fortunately, we’re programmed to be curious, to explore, discover and learn and then persist until we get whatever’s tickling our fancy. However, over time, many of us seem to lose much of our innate gift. We’ve uncovered a group of educational and managerial assumptions that actively suppress our curiosity for short term gain.

We're committed to ensuring our clients get the best possible ROI. We improve engagement, innovation and sustainable learning by cultivating curiosity. Our unique content coupled with our methodologies empowers people with the confidence to approach any problem with newfound vigour and optimism. To bed down new skills and attitudes, we use an online habit builder platform to help us guide/coach delegates over the following 1 - 3 months.

"Andrew provided wisdom and thought provoking advice that stretched our minds, changed our behaviour and has had a lasting and positive effect on us as individuals and managers. The strategies and structures you shared have given us enduring themes that have spread at all levels across BMF and have made it a much better business and a much better place to work".

BMF (named Australian Agency of the Decade 2009)

Our consultants have worked with local and international organisations across a range of industries

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