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Who we are

A Culture of Curiosity

Curiousmind Education is a collective of passionate, professional change agents who believe curiosity may well be the fountain of youth - the attribute that keeps us open, engaged, explorative, innovative, resilient and hopeful. With backgrounds in management, education, psychotherapy, primary health care, mediation, business analysis and acting we bring a comprehensive mix of skill and experience to all our work. Unquenchably curious ourselves, we approach all problems as puzzles to unravel. While this is the page for us to showcase ourselves, we don’t tend to boast too much about what we think we know, as our passion is always directed towards what we don’t know - yet!

Most of the Curious Mind facilitators spent many years guiding personal development programs before moving into the corporate field. With our backgrounds in personal transformation, we understand the barriers to learning and change and how to help people move past them to form and then master new habits. We’re proud to say that Curiousmind Education facilitators have been consulted by many of Australia’s leading companies.

Our Quest

Is to promote curiosity (and the questions it arouses) as one of our most critical and defining attributes.

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