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Personal Development

At the heart of most change is a willingness and ability to understand and accept ourselves. To have the curiosity and courage to want to look inside, to question our assumptions and motives and to recognise our strengths and weaknesses.


At Curiousmind Education, we see all development, professional, individual and team as a product of personal change. For us, personal development is part of our methodology woven into almost everything we present as we help individuals and their organisations adapt, learn and grow. All of our courses include personal development modules to enhance learning. 

Most of the Curiousmind Education facilitators spent many years guiding personal development programs before moving into the corporate field. With our backgrounds in personal transformation, we understand the barriers to learning and change and how to help people move past them to form and then master new habits. We're proud to say that our facilitators have consulted for many of Australia's leading companies

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Self Awareness

Developing Self-Awareness is seen as a foundation for authenticity, personal and professional development and as a significant predictor of success.

Importantly self-aware people, by being curious about themselves, their biases and other weaknesses, are better able to be present and see what’s really going on both within them and around them.  When they reflect they're better able to see what's really going on.

Our unique, easy to learn, self-awareness tool has helped thousands of people cut through all the noise and move from doing to being, from relying on techniques to just being present.

Curious communicators have several key advantages. 

Innately drawn to explore and understand their focus is usually more on what they don't know than on what they do, on inquiry rather than advocacy. Also, by asking lots of questions they communicate that they're interested (they genuinely care) building trust and respect along the way. And finally, by having lots of interests they are frequently perceived as interesting.


Curious and self-aware communicators tend to have a strong presence, a good platform from which to build healthy relationships no matter the context. They learn that one of the easiest ways to put themselves and others at ease is to ask questions, that encourage people to reflect and open up.

Of course, by asking questions curious people also tend to be excellent listeners.


Communication &      Influence


Individual Coaching

Learning and change take time. Follow -up coaching is one of the best ways to ensure new ideas or skills become new habits. 


We use Curiosity Coaching to help people improve awareness of the questions they ask themselves and then look inside to see any biases or blind spots.  Becoming aware of these questions, mostly unconscious to us, has proven to be an extraordinarily powerful way to help people unshackle themselves from old habits and scripts and choose their path forward. 

We also use the ActionableTM Habit Building Platform to ensure you get the best possible results. The platform enables us (and you) to track your progress as you seek to bed down a learning objective. The platform augments our coaching by providing regular reminders (SMS messages) along with opportunities to reflect and discuss with a coaching buddy.  This way we can track your progress and design tailored interventions as you progress towards your goals.      

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