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We offer a range of keynotes designed to stimulate curiosity and engagement.


Cultivating Curiosity

One of our signature presentations on why and how cultivating curiosity can benefit everyone.  We first delivered this as a plenary at the International Conference on Thinking in Kula Lumpur in 2009.  Since then, what was idle curiosity about curiosity, has become our full time passion. This thought provoking presentation is guaranteed to engage, surprise and inspire.


The Power Of Presence

Being self-aware is arguably one of the most important leadership capabilities. Learning to cut out all the noise and be truly present is one of the building blocks of presence. When we deliver this presentation to leadership teams a typical response is asking if we could present it to the whole organisation. This is a common sense approach to understanding how being present impacts on resilience,  efficiency, safety and morale.

Fish disruption small.png

Disrupting Ourselves

Assuming everything will be disrupted eventually, why not get ahead and disrupt yourselves?  Try as we might most of us are susceptible to hanging on to past success.  Perhaps that’s why, in this exponential world (think Uber, Amazon and Airbnb), many forecasters are still locked into outdated, linear thinking that fails to account for disruption.  In this illuminating presentation, we press the case for change and show you how to disrupt yourself before someone else does.

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