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Every problem is solved by finding the right question to ask

Curiosity energizes engagement.

It's the spark that ignites inquiry, the fuel that powers exploration and the engine that drives change.

At Curiousmind we help people, teams and organisations rekindle their curiosity as a catalyst for learning and change. A Curious mind is an engaged mind, naturally drawn towards exploring, understanding, innovating and problem solving.  Our methodologies coupled with our unique content spanning everything from strategy workshops to safety leadership and culture change enable us to achieve results frequently unattainable through more traditional skill-based training. 

“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” - Richard Feynman


Whether you’re trying to change the world, lead a brilliantly successful team, inspire your kids to love learning or anything in between - it all starts with curiosity.

Cusiosity schematic v4.1.png

Fortunately, we’re programmed to be curious, to explore and discover, to innovate, experiment and persist until we get whatever’s ticking our fancy. However, over time, many of us seem to lose much of our innate gift. We’ve uncovered a group of educational and managerial assumptions that actively smother our curiosity for short term gain.


Curiousmind helps people unshackle themselves from these assumptions, reacquaint themselves with their curiosity and, in doing so, open doors to possibility.

"Andrew provided wisdom and throught provoking advice that stretched our minds, changed our behaviour and has had a lasting and positive effect on us as individuals and managers. The strategies and structures you shared have given us enduring themes that have spread at all levels across BMF and have made it a much better business and a much better place to work".

BMF (named Australian Agency of the Decade 2009)

We've worked with local and international organisations across a range of industries

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