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Like most of you, we've been heavily impacted by the pandemic but one of the silver linings of having all of your upcoming work cancelled is that you suddenly have a lot of free time. Given this we'd like to offer you, your family or your community/business our help. We have over 20 years experience teaching individuals and organisations (governments, communities & businesses) the skills required to adapt and succeed in times of change. While the scale of the changes currently taking place are unprecedented and heartbreaking, we belief the same principles still apply. Similarly, we feel there has never been a more urgent need for effective interpersonal skills - communication skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, mindset management, conflict resolution or managing relationships.  

Register here to access our free webinar on resilience and self-awareness

Below are some courses we'd like to offer, however we can also provide some options specific to you needs. Due to our normal work being face-to-face training our business is unable to survive this event without some new source of income, hence why we are not offering these courses for free by default.

*****However our main concern is helping those in need, therefore if you feel our services could help you through this crisis and you are unable to pay, please contact us at  or via phone on +61 414 444 553 to discuss your situation and see how we can help***** 

We have priced the below options as low as possible in order to hopefully recoup our costs and make this a sustainable resource

We'd like to help you and the community

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