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Organisational Development

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How cultivating curiosity can help

Businesses come to us for a few key reasons. Sometimes it's simply skill enhancement, frequently it's improved alignment (getting everyone rowing in the same direction), and nearly always it includes better engagement.


No matter the symptom; from poor morale, productivity or safety, to flagging agility, adaptability or innovation, more curious and thus better-engaged managers, leaders and employees is nearly always part of the solution.


At Curiousmind, we see engagement as not so much what leaders or culture may inspire in people but rather, more a reflection of how curious people are.


If your quest is staying ahead of the pack you need to ask better questions


Our approach, methodologies and diverse experience have enabled us to get to the heart of most organisational development issues, ensuring deep, lasting change.

“The trouble is, 99% of managerial attention is devoted to techniques that squeeze more out of the existing paradigm, and it’s killing us. Tools, techniques and how-to recipes won't do the job without a higher order… concept of management."

Richard Pascale, Stanford Graduate School of Management

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