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Case Study - Technical Professionals 

We have run nearly twenty of these programs for the Technical Services Division (TSD) at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). While we are wary of simplistic labels there is some truth in the idea that many IT professionals are often lacking in interpersonal skills. Whether due to personality drivers or as a result of the training and work they do, many technical professionals can struggle as they are asked to move away from their passion and start supervising/leading people and teams.

This two-day workshop focuses on preparing to start thinking differently, to move past algorithmic or critical analysis and learn to deal with the multiple variables in their teams.

Core components include:

  • Recognising and dealing with unconscious bias

  • Changing Mindsets

  • Becoming more Self -Aware (this is one of our signature and most popular modules – we have delivered it to over 4000 at all levels of leadership, across all industries in countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India and Kuwait).

  • Cultivating Curiosity (leading with questions)

  • Engagement- inspiring intrinsic motivators

  • Building & leading teams

  • Conducting high stakes conversations

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