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Adaptive Leadership

T.A.F.E. New England

New government legislation was pushing TAFE to adopt a more business-focused approach to their offerings.  Heads of departments and teachers were being asked to be more accountable as they moved to a more commercially oriented operating model. The changes required were significant.

We began with a three-day leadership workshop with the executive leadership team explaining the Adaptive nature of their challenge. As no one really knew what to do (it had never been done before) and as any solution would require buy in from all staff (and students), our initial focus was on developing influencing skills.

The leaders were braced with an acceptance that they could only help their teams by engaging g them in the process of solution finding. They saw their jobs as raising awareness and acceptance of the need to change by “ripening” issues.

We also then explored the process of transformation, the three steps required for individuals, teams and cultures to adapt and how they could prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.

The final part of the project was for us to visit all campuses to deliver one-day workshops to all senior staff on their roles in ensuring the change was successful.

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