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Building Better Habits

We've all experienced how New Year's Eve resolutions or other goals tend to dilute over time (92% are dropped by Jan 22). 

The same could be said about many of the learning objectives from training programs. The fact is, setting goals without any follow-up rarely achieves the expected training objectives.

The facilitator's skills, the relevance and clarity of the material and alignment with business needs or personal goals are critical. However, we find that the best driver of sustained behavioural change is getting people to shift their focus from setting learning goals to developing new habits. Moving from actions to complete (and tick off) to behaviours to improve (ongoing), enhances sustainability.

In this program we'll help you select a new habit and work with you for 28 days (including bespoke feedback and tips) to help you turn your aspirations into sustained behavioural change.

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1 Month

Valued at $200

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2 Months

Valued at $400

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(Save $180)

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3 Months

Valued at $600

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(Save $310

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(Save $130)

1 Month



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2 Months



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3 Months

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