How we work with your team is based on your specific needs. Once we have assessed the issues at hand and become more familiar with your objectives, culture and needs, we can begin to tailor a plan to assist your team.

Strong relationships are built on a foundation of clear, open communication between all stakeholders. But how can we build relationships if we are not relating?

Working as a team, together we can:
  • Identify the hidden beliefs that drive your culture;
  • See the crucial relationship between how your people think and how they behave;
  • Define the most appropriate culture for your organisation;
  • Engage the entire organisation in developing this new culture.

We believe it is important to establish these foundations with both you and your staff, so that together we can open the gateway to improved performance and culture.

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on all three fundamental drivers of human behaviour:

We have developed processes that involve rigorous inquiry and inspire curiosity to push deeper levels of awareness and understanding. Our activities, facilitation, training and coaching offer interactive and experiential opportunities that act as catalysts for change. It is through these development experiences that we begin to gain the awareness needed to understand who we are, how we are perceived by others, and how our own actions impact the group.

Our PHILOSOPY – Getting to the heart of change

Curious Mind recognises that individual development is a critical key to organisational adaptability.

We recognise that individuals are a product of:
  1. How and what they think (for example a pessimistic or optimistic bias);
  2. Their feelings (emotional responses);
  3. What they do: behaviours, norms and habits.

When we approach organisational development and change, we use this understanding of the individual to construct interventions (communication, training, coaching and mentoring) that promote and facilitate awareness, as well as ownership and commitment to the organisation’s need for change.

Inqurio has also questioned the assumption that competition drives individual and organisational success. In questioning this assumption, we have instead found that the opposite is frequently true. It is, in fact, collaboration that largely drives organisational success and promotes cultures that question, learn and adapt. It is not just the sum of individual intelligence and ability that drives success, but collective wisdom (we could call this synergy).

Enabling sustainable behavioural change—our definition of learning—requires more than pumping people full of more information and skills.